Follow these steps to register your Company on RenewIT:

  1. On the Register Screen fill in your personal details
  2. Ensure that you Select the "Register as a new Company"
  3. Click on the "Sign Up" button
  4. Enter your Personal Details if you are the Proxy of the Company
  5. Enter the Company Details
    • When you are a company with multiple branches, enter your Company Trading name as follows "Test Company (Johannesburg CBD)"
  6. Enter the delivery address in where the Vehicle Licence Disks needs to be delivered at
  7. Enter the Company BRNC Number
  8. Upload the Company BRNC Vertificate
  9. Upload the Proxy's ID Document
  10. Click on the "Save Company Details" when you have entered all relevant information
  11. After Registering, you will have to sign the "Mandate Document". Sign in this block
  12. After signing and you are happy, click on the "Sign Mandate Document" button